Training and Development

Slavabogu understands that a company is responsible for its employees in more ways than just providing a safe, challenging and successful environment. Every year, millions of naira are spent on training employees to not only develop and expand their business acumen, but also to maintain, upgrade and update their skills in order to facilitate the most of their career with Slavabogu and beyond. With such a heavy focus on training, Slavabogu has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, and performance, while allowing for personal growth and a sense of accomplishment and well being.

We believe our training program offers our employees a great opportunity to improve their career through our comprehensive courses that are offered at our Corporate and District levels, as well as, plenty of "On the Job" training.

We aim to attract the best people we can, and to develop them to the best of their ability. Only by doing so can we build an organisation that can meet future challenges. We aim to provide our people with rewarding careers, excellent development opportunities and a safe, fair and inclusive workplace.

One important way we do so is to offer excellent career opportunities. We significantly invest in formal training and balance this with development opportunities, such as assignments and projects. Our structured approach helps develop the leadership capabilities that we need to run our business successfully both now and in the future.



Creative employee recognition categories make the people who work for Slavabogu feel truly appreciated. We show that we have thought about each person’s contributions and chosen to recognize the unique benefit they bring to the Slavabogu.

Hence different categories of awards has been created to honour deserving employees:

1. Appreciation Award

2. Attendance Award.

3. Dealer/Vendor Recognition Award.

4. Employee of the Month, Quarter, Year Award.

5. Leadership and Management Awards.

6. Project Completion Award .

7. Quality Awards.

8. Retirement Gift.

9. Safety Awards etc.

10. Manufacturers Association of Nigeria.

11. Certified Maufacturer.

12. Supply and manufacture.